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Skills Employers Need

  • Employers evaluate employees’ performance based on several criteria. Quality of work is one of the criteria. Take pride in your work and make every effort to ensure it is the highest quality
  • Employers expect a day's work for a day's pay from their employees. Motivate yourself to complete assignments accurately to establish good work habits.
  • Employees are evaluated on their be abilty to be a good team memberand and to solve problems.
  • Good attendance record is critical to keeping a job. It costs employers when their employees are absent from work. Your employer depends on you to show up everyday workday.
  • If you are absent from work, it is important to notify your employer. Try to give the employer as much advance notice as possible. This common courtesy will give the employer a chance to call another employee to cover your shift.
  • Employees who excel have a positive attitude and remain professional in challenging situations. Colleagues will respect and appreciate you for your contributions. Employers will notice your hard work.
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