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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a fee to use the Career Center?

No, all of the main services available at the Career Center are free of charge to all job seekers. These services include: use of the Resource Library for your job search, participation in our Workshops to Work and a meeting with a job specialist. To use our services, job seekers would first become members of Workforce Central by attending a Career Center Seminar. We do have some computer-based instruction that is available at a low cost you can consider as well.

Q: Do I have to be unemployed to use the Career Center?

No, you do not need to be out of work to use resources of the Career Center. Workforce Center is open to all jobseekers, regardless of whether you are employed or unemployed, as long as you are in need of career services. To begin the process, you would contact us and sign up for our Career Center Seminar to receive an overview of our services. You would then become a member of the Center and be able to use the resources available, including the Resource Library and participate in our Workshops to Work. You would also have the opportunity to meet with a Job Specialist to give you some personal guidance in your job search.

Q: What is the Resource Library?

The Resource Library is an area within the Center that provides practical tools to assist job seekers in finding employment, including: personal computers with internet access and the Microsoft Office Suite of programs, laser printer, copier, fax machine, limited supply of resume paper and envelopes, business and trade publications, newspapers, job search tips for success and much more.

The Library is fully staffed. To accommodate all, there is a 2-hour limit per day for customers using the Resource Library.

Q: How do I sign up for computer classes and workshops?

You would first need to attend a Career Center Seminar to learn about the services available at Workforce Central. Once you have participated in the Seminar, you will be a member of Workforce Central and can sign up for workshops and classes by contacting our Career Team at the Workforce Central Career Center most convenient for you: Worcester, Milford or Southbridge. You can find workshop schedules and descriptions on our Workshops to Work Calendars.

Q: Do you provide daycare while we are using the services at the Career Center?

No. We do not provide daycare.

Q: Are children allowed to be with their parents while their parents are participating in Workshops or using the Resource Library?

No. Parents need to make childcare arrangements prior to participating in Career Center activities, including participation in Workshops to Work and use of the Resource Library.

Q: Where should I park?

For our Milford and Southbridge Centers, parking is available on-site at no charge. For our Worcester Center, we recommend parking at the Worcester Public Library parking lot, 3 Salem Square. There are 3-hour meters throughout the lot and 10-hour meters in the rows located to the rear of the lot. There are also several parking garages available. More information can be found on our list of Worcester Area Parking Lots.

Q: Does the Career Center validate parking?

No, we do not have the funds to validate parking. For our Milford and Southbridge Centers, parking is available on-site at no charge.

Q: Are you located on a bus route?

Our Worcester Center is conveniently accessible by public transportation. Our Milford and Southbridge Centers are not on a bus route.

Q: I am a Workforce Central member. Can I go to other career centers in the state?

Yes. Workforce Central Career Center is one of more than 30 Massachusetts One-Stop Career Centers. We are part of a nationwide network funded by the United States Department of Labor. Once you have attended a Career Center Seminar at Workforce Central, you will become a member of Workforce Central, and at that time you’ll also be eligible to use the services of any of the other Massachusetts One-Stop Career Centers.

Q: Do you have mostly lower paying jobs available?

We have all types of jobs listed either directly with our Career Center or elsewhere that we can access. Because so many jobs are listed on the internet, we can instruct you in using the internet to find jobs you are specifically interested in, and develop strategies to connect with those employers. We help several hundred skilled people each year get jobs paying over $50,000 a year.

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