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GED, ABE and ESOL Programs
in Southern Worcester County

Our goal is to have every adult basic education opportunity in Southern Worcester County listed here, regardless of who funds it or who operates it.  You can find classes through Town/City listings by clicking on the link below:


The most commonly asked question about Adult Education is

How do I know which class would be the right one?

Classes are usually formed so learners with similar skill levels are together. You can find your reading, writing, math or English speaking skill levels at either the programs listed here, or at any Workforce Central Career Center. Your tested skill levels will help you and your future instructor know exactly the areas you need to work on to meet your goals.

Some programs feature additional services, such as child care, tutoring or homework centers for children. For more information on each program, call or e-mail the contact person, leaving your name, number and the best time to call you back.

The program you prefer may have waiting lists. In most cases, the program’s contact person can tell you approximately how long the wait would be. If you cannot wait that long, ask the contact person to suggest an alternative site with openings. If they cannot, contact

Workforce Central Career Center
and we will do our best to assist you.


Towns listed that do not show programs either have no programs, or we do not know of their existence. If you have information regarding classes in these areas, please e-mail or call Mike Beaudry at (508) 799-1600..

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