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At Workforce Central Career Center, we maintain an extensive data base of job-seeking veterans. Today’s veterans possess a variety of skills, experience working in teams, understanding processes, problem-solving abilities, an excellent work ethic, and many other attributes your business needs.

For more information on accessing qualified veterans to interview for positions at your company, contact the following Veteran Representatives:


Bill Ryan

Joe Bullan

Tel. – 508-799-1600 ext. 620.

Tel. – 508-799-1600 ext. 623

Fax – 508-799-8025

Fax – 508-799-8025

E-mail  [email protected]

Email – [email protected]

Southbridge – Diane Ramsay
Tel. – 508-765-6430
Fax – 508-765-6442
Email – [email protected]

Milford – Larry Corbin
Tel. – 508-478-4300
Fax – 508-792-7267
Email – [email protected]

For more information on veterans services follow the link below:

Division of career services – Veterans Services


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