The Internet is rapidly becoming a major source for gathering and sharing information on virtually any topic. As is the case with any central information processing point the end user must have access to, and a knowledge of, how to retrieve desired information in an organized and timely manner.

The links below provide access to several very good search engines currently available on the Internet. Even though most are different in appearance they are similar in how they operate. The illustration below is an example of a search field used by most main stream search engines.

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If this were an actual search engine you would simply click in the box to make it active, type a word or words that you would like to search for on the Internet and then click the search button. With most search engines this action will result in a list of documents available on the Web that contain the word/words that you searched for. Simply click on a desired document and it will open for you.

To learn more about search engines and how to refine your search, look for "help" or "FAQ" (frequently asked questions) links provided by the search engine that you choose.

To return to this page from a followed link click on the "BACK" button on the tool bar at the top of your screen.

All-in-One Search Page A compilation of Internet search engines.

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Excite Netsearch


HotBot Net Browser

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WebCrawler Searching



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