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Adult Basic Education

Education is the key that unlocks every door in our society. Congratulations on choosing education to help change your life!

Adult Basic Education includes each of the following areas: English as a Second Language (ESL), Adult Basic Education (ABE), and High School Equivalency (HSE). These types of adult classes are offered at adult education centers, literacy programs, community colleges and career centers all over the state. Each one is unique and deciding which one is right for you is very simple. Review the sections below to decide which class is the best fit for your needs.

I need help understanding spoken English.

If this statement describes you, then you need to sign up for a basic ESL class to practice speaking and listening to English. You will practice these skills, learn English syntax and be taught a variety of new vocabulary essential to everyday tasks such as communicating with your boss, understanding your doctor, talking to your child’s teacher, shopping, applying for a job, etc.  Find a Class

I can speak and understand English when I hear it, but I have trouble writing and/or understanding what I’ve read.

If this statement describes you, then you need either an advanced ESL class, or a beginning level ABE class. Which class fits you better is determined by a simple free test that can be administered at your local adult education center. These classes focus on enhancing basic English – both reading comprehension and writing skills.  Find a Class

I can communicate fine in English, but my writing, reading and/or math skills are inadequate for my job or occupational training.

If this statement describes you, then you are looking for an ABE class. This kind of class will focus on bringing your basic skills to the next level. It will include such components as math, reading comprehension, writing ability/grammar and improving vocabulary. It can also build the basic skills necessary to move up to a more advanced HSE prep class.  Find a Class

My skills are decent, but I need to achieve a high school diploma and prepare for the GED exam.

If this statement describes you, then you are looking for a HSE class. These classes are more advanced and cover all five subjects included in both a high school education and on the  HSE exam: reading comprehension, writing skills, mathematics, science and social studies/history.  Find a Class

Practice Tests

ABE Reading Practice Test    ABE Math Practice Test  ABE Language Practice Test

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