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Career Services

Workforce Central offers our job seekers extensive resources and information to learn about the options for possible re-training. For some customers, training may be necessary to adjust their career path to pursue a different occupation. Workforce Central can provide guidance to help you select the training option that will benefit you the most.

Adult Education

Career Research – Links to websites containing information relevant to career decision making, job opportunity outlook and career assessment.

Community Resources

Financial Aid – Sites that will help you sort out and discover your financial aid options, including Workforce Central Training Eligibility/Financial Aid and Other Financial Aid Resources.

Find Training – Links to college and training program websites and resources to help you make career choices.

Workforce Central Career Center Seminar

The Workforce Central Career Center Seminar gives job seekers an overview of the services, resources and options available at the Career Center. After attending the Seminar, you will become a registered member of the Career Center and can take advantage of the services and resources the Center has to offer. 

Workforce Central Center Seminars are offered at each of our sites, Worcester and Southbridge and last on average two hours. Contact Us to sign up for a Career Center Seminar and begin your career pathway at Workforce Central.

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