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Important Terms & Definitions

Eligible Veteran (Federal Guidelines)

Served on active duty for more than 180 days and discharged/released with other than a dishonorable discharge; discharged/released from active duty due to a service-connected disability; or a member of a reserve component under an order to active duty during a period of war/campaign/expedition, for which a campaign badge is authorized and was discharged/released from duty with other than a dishonorable discharge.

Implementing Priority of Services

  • The proposed regulations provide that priority of service means the right of eligible covered persons to take precedence over eligible non-covered persons in obtaining services. They further specify that taking precedence may mean:
    • The covered person receives access to the service or resource earlier in time than the non-covered person; or
    • If the service or resource is limited, the covered person receives access to the service or resource instead of or before the non-covered person.
  • The proposed regulations specify how priority of service is to be applied across three different types of qualified job training programs:
    • Universal access programs that do not target specific groups;
    • Discretionary targeting programs that focus on certain groups but are not mandated to serve target group members before other eligible individuals, and;
    • Statutory targeting programs that are mandated by federal law to provide priority or preference to certain groups.

Veterans’ Representative Titles, Roles & Responsibilities

DVOP – Disabled Veterans’ Outreach Program
LVER – Local Veterans’ Employment Representative

  • Conduct an assessment.
  • Develop plan of action that is documented.
  • Provide career and vocational guidance.
  • Coordinate support services.
  • Make job development contacts.
  • Make referrals to job openings.
  • Provide referrals to training.
  • Conduct job search assistance workshops.
  • Provide labor market information.

Outreach Activities

  • Civic & Service Organizations
  • Community Stand Downs
  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs Medical Centers & Vet Centers
  • Homeless Shelters
  • Homeless Veterans Reintegration Project Grantees
  • Local Veterans’ Agents
  • Military Installations
  • State Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies
  • Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment Programs
  • WIA Partners
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