Career Center Seminar – An orientation seminar to give an overview of services, resources and options available at the Career Center.  After attending the seminar, you will be a registered member of the Career Center which will enable you to take advantage of these services and resources.  This seminar is approximately 1 ½ hours in length.

 Career Directions Part I & Part II  –  Part I (Day 1) of this workshop is designed to assist participants in identifying skills, interests, abilities and values that contribute to career decision making.  It is an interactive workshop that makes use of a variety of informational resources and provides tools needed to begin career transitions.  Part II (Day 2) focuses on interpretation of the assessment instrument, as well as labor market research that is relevant to your interests and abilities.  This workshop is offered twice a month and is one of the formal assessments required for the Career Development Plan.  This is a two-part workshop – you MUST be able to attend each session.  Each session is 3 hours in length.

 Career Decision Making and the Myers Briggs  –  The Myers Briggs workshop has been designed to provide people in career transition with an understanding of personality type and its applications to job search and future employment options.  The MBTI is widely used in career development, organizational development, team building, management, leadership training and diversity and multicultural training.  More than three million indicators are administered annually in the United States.  This workshop is approximately 3 ½ hours in length. Pre-registration at the Front Desk.

 Resume Writing I  –  The resume serves as a marketing tool for the job seeker highlighting strengths and accomplishments for an employer.  This workshop teaches participants the purpose of a resume and how to write one that generates interest in the applicant’s capabilities.  The presentation includes an introduction to the various types of resumes and teaches participants how to write a resume that will lead them to an interview.    This workshop is approximately 3 hours in length. This workshop is a prerequisite to Resume Writing II.

 Resume Writing II  –  This workshop is designed for job seekers who have already written their resume but need an additional critique in a group setting.  Particular attention will be dedicated to organization of the resume (visual impact of the structure, what to include and what to leave out, and the use of action verbs).  It also shows participants how to present themselves as motivated achievers and highlights their accomplishments, skills and abilities in a format that meets the needs of the employer.  Each session is limited to 12 participants.  Please bring a copy of your current resume or a recent draft.  This workshop is approximately 3 hours in length. Resume Writing I is a prerequisite to this workshop.

 Hidden Job Market  –  This is an in-depth workshop that provides a wide range of techniques for accessing the job market.  Each job seeker is asked to discuss current ways they access job leads within their current job search.  You are also asked to participate in telephone scripts for “cold calling” and informational interviewing. You should leave the workshop with an action plan for networking and areas to explore for informational interviewing.  This workshop is approximately 3 hours in length.

 Networking Group  –  Networking (using contacts at companies to find jobs) is the most successful method used by seekers to obtain good jobs.  It is even more critical to try networking now in our current economy.  The purpose of the meeting is to learn about networking, making contacts and job search telephone techniques.  We will also share information on job leads, local area companies and successful job search strategies.  A Job Developer will facilitate these meetings. This workshop is approximately 2 hours in length.

 Introduction to the Personal Computer  –  This workshop is offered to customers who do not have basic computer skills.  You will learn how to power the PC on and off, use a mouse and access information using disks. Additionally, you will learn how to scroll, open/close files, save, print and access the Internet. You will learn to search for jobs on  Jobquest where Workforce Central posts current jobs for employers.  This workshop is approximately 2 hours in length.

 Job Search on the Internet  –  This workshop will introduce participants to Job Search on the Internet.  You will learn how do basic Internet searches, understand the fundamentals of Internet Explorer and access jobs and labor market information using our comprehensive web site.  This workshop is approximately 1.5 hours in length. Introduction to the Personal Computer  (or basic computer skills) is a prerequisite to this workshop.

 Interviewing Techniques  –  This workshop provides the nuts and bolts of interviewing.  It prepares participants to discuss their skills, knowledge areas, abilities and aptitudes.  Specific concentration is placed on communicating successfully, reducing nervousness and building confidence through correct preparation.  Many sample interview questions, answers and different situations are reviewed.  This workshop is approximately 3 hours in length.

 Mock Interview  –  This workshop gives job seekers an opportunity to develop interviewing skills through practice interviewing sessions.  Practice can help participants overcome nervousness and receive objective advice on how to improve their presentation. Mock interviewing gives the participants an opportunity to think about how they would answer the questions frequently asked by employers and how they might handle asking the employer questions.  Each session is limited to 8 participants. It is recommended that you complete the Interviewing Techniques workshop prior to attending this session. This workshop is approximately 2.5 hours in length.

Coping with Job Loss  –  This workshop is designed to assist dislocated workers better identify and understand the typical emotions that occur during one’s job loss and job search and to provide participants with tools and strategies for managing their period of unemployment.  This workshop is approximately 2 hours in length.

 Goal Setting and Taking Action – We all need goals to assist us in moving our job search forward. Plan to attend this workshop if you procrastinate, struggle with time management, have difficulty maintaining a positive attitude or are feeling stuck. Learn the ingredients of successful goal setting and take steps which will move you forward.  This workshop is approximately 2 hours in length.

Overcoming the Age Barrier  –  This workshop will provide participants with a greater understanding of potential age-related biases, which may impact one’s job search and provide specific strategies to aid participants in developing a successful job search campaign.  This workshop is approximately 2 hours in length.

Positive Thinking for Success  –  This workshop is designed to teach participants to identify and change negative thinking patterns.  Participants are given tools to assist them in building and/or maintaining a positive attitude, self-confidence and motivation.  This workshop is approximately 2 hours in length.

Stress Management and Relaxation  –  Feeling stressed by your job loss?  Are interviews stressing you out? Everyone feels stress from time to time while searching for a job.  Learn techniques that will change your thinking as well as relax your body.  This workshop is approximately 2 hours in length



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